We specialise in the supply, installation and maintenance of Lockdown Alert & Bell systems for schools, colleges and universities. In the event of an emergency the ATS lockdown solution enables specific alarms to be broadcast across the entire premise to ensure that everyone knows what is happening and what action to take. For instance, if the event is a full or partial lockdown due to:
  • An incident or disturbance in the local community
  • Intruder on site or in the vicinity with potential to pose a risk
  • Warning or air pollution or chemical spill
  • Major fire in the vicinity
  • Dangerous animal roaming loose

Our Systems

  • Lockdown Alert Systems

    Our clock systems can also be used to provide an emergency school lockdown solution

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  • School Bell Systems

    We offer a complete range of wireless indoor and outdoor school bells and sounders

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  • Public Address Systems

    Adding microphones to our master clock solution also creates a perfect PA system

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  • Wireless School Clocks

    Wireless clocks can be added at any time to complement your master clock system

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  • School Visitor Sign-in Systems

    Manage your visitor, staff and student sign in and registration.

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Indicate Class Change Times

Class change times can be amended at the click of a button

Multiple Sounds for Any Event

Up to 16 melodies can be stored in each wireless unit

Wireless Units Mean Less Cables

Cables don’t need to run to our wireless melody units

Broadcast Important Messages

Inform pupils and staff at the press of a button

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