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Wireless School Lockdown Alert & School Bells Systems

School Lockdown Alert System

Existing fire and tone sounders can lead to confusion in the state of a school emergency procedure, our range of wireless school lock down systems can elevate this issues. Our system provides clear and concise pre-recorded voice over announcements though our range of  speakers which can be easy activated at the press of a button via your PC application, or  through our wall mounted panic buttons. These can easily be positioned around your school to safe guard your staff and pupils in all areas.
We also offer a mobile apps for your phone, and an alert system remote controls which can also be used to activate an instant school emergency voice over such as School Lock down, Panic Alarm and All Clear messages etc.


Specialist School Bell & Combined Lock down Alert Systems

Our range of Wireless Indoor & Outdoor School Bells & Sounders make the installation of a new school bell system, lock down alert or class change system easy to install where a signal is required indoor or outdoor . They can be used to highlight the start of class, end of day or for break times etc., and can be zoned for different school areas Key Stage 1, 2 etc.  when complemented with one of our master clock systems.  You can also upgrade your master clock to create a dynamic school lock down system to safe guard your staff and children by getting instant voice messages through our range of speakers at the touch of a button / or through our range of mobile phone apps and Bluetooth remote control handset.

Wireless School Bell Systems

The Wireless School Bell System is the perfect Class Change System to take charge of ringing of your school bells as our new range of school bells come with volume control, so they can be as loud (up to 90 dB) or as quiet as required and can play virtually any sound or voice over you may have. The Wireless Bell System can also be overridden to broadcast important voice overs such “wet break” at the press of a button.

Safe Guard Your Staff & Pupils With Our Range Of School Lockdown Alert Systems

Our master clock systems can be also be used to provide a Emergency School Lockdown solution, our solution comprises of  a range of wall/ ceiling indoor and outdoor speakers which can be PoE  or Wireless Speakers .
These are linked then to panic buttons located in the school, they can be customised to broadcast the appropriate emergency message eg. “Lockdown”, “Alarm All Clear” etc. .

The School Lockdown System buttons can be then easily accessed to lockdown the school in response to a fast moving incident such as  firearms or weapons attack or a dangerous dog in the school grounds, warning of air polution or gas leak etc.
Using our solution eliminates the confusion that is associated by using a traditional fire alarm bell for this procedure, as our speakers broadcast clear and concise messages to teachers, staff and children.

Public Address Solutions For Schools, Colleges & Universities

By simply adding PoE microphone’s to the masterclock solution this would create the perfect PA system, for live and pre-recorded announcements across your buildings / sites.
For more information on our school bell & dynamic Lockdown systems, why not give us a call for a free on site demonstration of our systems.




School Lockdown Alert System & Public Address System





Bespoke customised School Lockdown Alert System Panic Buttons
For Instant Voiceovers



Wireless School Lockdown System




Wireless School Bell & Lockdown System