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Factory Bells

Wireless-Factory-BellsAuto Time Systems are specialists in wireless & wired factory bells systems solutions. Our factory bell systems can be installed indoor and outdoor and are simple to install as they only need power and are 100% synchronised together. Each bell can be independently controlled via pc software and can be set to sound to make employees aware of break times and improve punctuality. Also we can provide multifunctional bell systems that can broadcast a pre-recorded message at the touch of a button. Our bell system can even synchronise time with your clocking in system!

See below how much not having a system in place is cost your organisation / company. (Please ask us to email you the table)

Wireless Factory Bells System Example :


Our factory bell solutions are available in 3 different specifications :

  • Wireless wall mounted or ceiling mounted
  • Wired
  • I.P to mains operated bells

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